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10/25/18 | 
C++ library suite released (cpplocate, cppassist, cppfs, cppexpose)

CG Internals released four of their projects: cpplocate, cppassist, cppfs, and cppexpose. Together, these projects consolidate and provide domain-agnostic features for C++. Most prominent features are run-time assets location, command-line argument parsing, logging, STL extensions, multi-threading and vectorization … read more

10/18/18 | 
cppfs 1.2.0 released

CG Internals released cppfs version 1.2.0. cppfs is a cross-platform C++ library that provides an object-oriented abstraction for working with files and both local and remote file systems. cppfs is well documented and available as Windows installer and … read more

10/11/18 | 
cpplocate 2.1.0 released

CG Internals released cpplocate version 2.1.0. cpplocate is a cross-platform C++ library that provides tools for applications to locate their binary files and data assets, as well as those of dependent modules. cpplocate is well documented and available … read more

11/27/17 | 
Talk at parallel 2018

Willy Scheibel and Stefan Buschmann will introduce heterogenous system programming at the parallel 2018 conference in Heidelberg, Germany. A didactic demo with additional prallelization traits are focus of the talk. More information about the talk can be found … read more

07/17/17 | 
glbinding and globjects are available in Debian

Both glbinding and globjects in their latest stable release are available in Debian 9 “stretch” in the default package repositories. We gratefully acknowledge the work of the Debian mentors team and Ghislain Antony Vaillant in particular for their … read more

03/31/17 | 
Talk at parallel 2017

Stefan Buschmann held a talk about gloperate and Big Data Visualization at the parallel 2017 conference in Heidelberg, Germany. Main topics were the application of data processing and visualization in the context of gloperate. More information about the … read more

11/18/16 | 
globjects 1.0.0 released

CG Internals released globjects version 1.0.0. globjects is a cross-platform, object-oriented open source library for the OpenGL API. It facilitates a modern, less cluttered, and less error-prone use of the OpenGL API: e.g., it reduces the amount of … read more

07/01/16 | 
glbinding 2.1.1 released

CG Internals released a minor iteration of its cross-platform C++ binding for the OpenGL API. glbinding 2.1.1 simplifies type-safe use of GLboolean and provides additional OpenGL meta and context information queries. A list of all changes of the … read more

03/30/16 | 
glbinding 2.0 released

CG Internals released the next major iteration of glbinding. glbinding is a full-fledged, MIT licensed, cross-platform C++ binding for the OpenGL API. Based on the OpenGL API specification, ranging from 1.0 to the latest 4.5, glbinding is generated … read more

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